TOPSIDE wins at the 35. Venice Critics' Week

TOPSIDE , the American drama by directors Celine Held and Logan George, is the winner of one of the official awards of the 35. Venice Critics' Week, the Mario Serandrei – Hotel Saturnia Award for Best Technical Contribution.

The jury - including film critics Marianna Cappi, Adriano De Grandis and Francesco Di Pace - wrote this statement:  

"The Mario Serandrei Award for Best Technical Contribution goes to TOPSIDE by Celine Held and Logan George, for Nora Mendis’ art direction and Logan George’s editing. A climb towards hell, from a reconstructed scenery set in New York’s underworld, a labyrinth of protection and refuge for the two main characters, up until the merciless urban scenario of the upside world, where they desperately search for a light that cannot exist. The extraordinary work of TOPSIDE’s art direction cannot but be combined with a remarkable editing, that gives back with rhythmic precision the gasping heartbeats of two souls running for salvation".

TOPSIDE - Official Synopsis:

Underneath the streets of New York City, a five-year-old girl and her mother live among a community that has claimed long-abandoned subway tunnels as home. When the pair is forced to flee above ground into a cold winter night, mother and daughter are plunged into a challenging world of chaos and tragedy that makes their uncertain underground life seem idyllic by comparison. Deftly weaving escalating suspense with sharp bursts of humanity in a nocturnal urban tangle, Topside marks the feature-filmmaking debut of Logan George and Celine Held (who also stars) and introduces astonishing first-time performer Zhaila Farmer in this affecting tale of the deep love and sacrifice rooted in the parent-child bond.

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