LOS LOBOS wins the Grand Prize of the Jury KPlus at the 2020 Berlinale

LOS LOBOS was awarded with the Grand Prize of the Jury KPlus at the 2020 Berlinale. The sophomore feature by Mexican director Samuel Kishi Leopo has touched the hearts of the Generation international jurors Marine Atlan, María Novaro and Erik Schmitt. They jury released the following statement: 

“A mother sacrifices the moment for the future. Her children are thrown into a new world, with new rules, all of which are recorded on a tape recorder that sets the frame for this intimate play. And together with the two brothers, we try to look for a solution as to how to create a new space in fantasy and reality. How to be a child in a world with a closed door? We feel what those boys feel, at any time in this unique film. We are there with them, huddled and imprisoned in a cramped space, a dirty room with a stinky rug. We learn English with a tape recorder. We want to break out. We are there with them, held up by the hope that soon, we will have a childhood again - that soon, we will visit Disneyland. For the very special and creative approach exemplified by this tale, we are happy to give Los Lobos this important prize”.

LOS LOBOS also won the Peace Film Prize, an award first announced on Twitter where the film was saluted with words such as "Poetic, corageous and combative". LOS LOBOS had its world premiere last October at the Busan International Film Festival. From there to the Berlinale where the International Premiere at the Urania was attended by hundreds of young kids who joined director Samuel Kishi Leopo and actress Martha Reyes Arias.  

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Official Synopsis:
Together with their mother Lucia, the brothers Max and Leo have just crossed the border from Mexico into the United States in search of a better life. But it is not easy for them to gain a foothold in their new home. While waiting for Lucia to return from work, the kids build an imaginary universe with their drawings and think about mom's promise of going to “Disneyland”, their land of dreams.

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