“Euroflix? On the road to strong (T)VOD competitors in Europe“
Filmfest München panel discussion presented by CHILI


Berlin, June 13, 2019 – The value chain for audiovisual productions is undergoing a fundamental change process. The race is on for the consolidation of existing online platforms; new, huge players are making forceful market entries. The growth in global offerings is accompanied by the possibility of making a wider range of content available to large audiences.

How should German and European producers position themselves in this new landscape? Are online platforms and theatrical presenters and distributors competitors by definition or are cooperative business models possible? How do online platforms change the importance and availability of German and European content?

A panel of key experts will address these and related questions regarding one of the most prominent current structural challenges for the movie industry on the occasion of Filmfest München – presented by CHILI in cooperation with Produzentenverband e.V.

Panel discussion featuring:

Feo Aladag, Producer, filmmaker, actress
Wasiliki Bleser, Producer, CEO Starhaus
Philipp Kreuzer, Producer, CEO Maze Pictures
Giorgio Tacchia, Founder & CEO, CHILI
Geoffrey Macnab, Journalist and Film Critic, Moderator, Screen International

The panel is presented by CHILI, the innovative TVOD platform for the finest films and best series that continues to expand in Europe. Already Italy’s number one non-subscription entertainment company, it gained a whopping 400.000 customers in the UK since opening in the country last year and reached a customer base of 3 million in total. In 2019, CHILI is poised to continue its growth with the expansion of its activities in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

CHILI’s commitment is to create Europe’s leading TVOD company. European movies constitute a significant percentage of the titles offered by CHILI in its national subsidiaries, with an emphasis on titles from each specific country and a strong year-on-year growth rate for European and national content in each territory.

CHILI is available now at its sites in the various geographies at

“Euroflix? On the road to strong (T)VOD competitors in Europe“
Panel discussion
Friday, June 28, 2:00 PM
Black Box at Gasteig

Cocktail reception at the VIP-Lounge following the event

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