UNICÓRNIO - Generation 14plus


by Eduardo Nunes
Brazil / 2017 / 123'

with Patrícia Pillar, Barbara Luz, Zécarlos Machado and Lee Taylor

Production: 3 Tabela Filmes Production in coproduction with Canal Brasil


International Sales: FiGa Films


Official Screening: Monday 19/02 I 18:00 I Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Additional Screenings:

Tuesday 20/02 I 13:15 I CinemaxX 3
Wednesday 21/02 I 20:15 I Cubix 8

INTERNATIONAL PRESS DAYS: Monday 19/02 + Tuesday 20/02

Talents available: Eduardo Nunes (director), Patrícia Pillar (actress), Barbara Luz (actress)


Maria, a prepubescent teenage girl, lives in an isolated hovel together with her mother, tending their farm. Scenes from her life are interspersed with conversations with her absent father in a cold room, far removed from her everyday reality. 

The arrival of a rough man, almost savage and in equal measure menacing and attractive, at the farm throws her mother, and her relationship with Maria, into confusion. In Maria's universe the appearance of a unicorn does not seem impossible, and many archetypal, fairy-tale tropes feel natural. None of these are easy symbols, they remain riddles, whose solutions are less important than their atmospheric properties.

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