TIR - International Independents


by Alberto Fasulo
Italy, Croatia 2013, 90 min

with Branko Završan, Lučka Počkja, Marijan Šestak

produced by Alberto Fasulo, Nadia Trevisan, Irena Markovic

produced by Nefertiti Film, Rai Cinema

with the support of MiBACT, Focus Media

with the support of BLS – Südtirol Alto Adige, Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission, Film Commission Regione Valle d'Aosta, Croatian Audiovisual Centre



For a few months now, Branko, an ex teacher from Rijeka has been working as a truck driver for an Italian transport company. A decision which can be easily understood as his wage is now triple the amount compared to his previous salary as a teacher.
Yet everything has its price, even if it’s not quantified in money. Whilst growing up, we were told, “work makes a man honorable”, but here it seems that the opposite has become true: It is Branko, with his efficiency, his stubbornness and his good will to make a job which is ever more alienating, bizarre and enslaving, noble.

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