EL GURI (THE KID) - Generation


by Sergio Mazza
Argentina 2015, 87 mins

with Maximiliano García, Daniel Aráoz, Sofía Gala Castiglione, Federico Luppi

production company Masa Latina SRL

SALES AGENT: PRIMER PLANO (North and Latin America Sales), FANDANGO (World Sales)


In the harsh conditions of a remote fishing village in Argentina's waterlogged Entre Rios region, 10-year-old Gonzalo has to come to terms with an older generation's failed lives and aspirations. With his mother dying from cancer, Gonzalo is left in charge of his 8-month-old sister. Adrift, he is searching for a new home. In his pilgrimage, he meets a traveler, a broken couple, and the former owner of a cabaret. Their casual encounter will set their lives on a different trajectory. Personal bonds form and dissolve as each of the characters in this accidental group confronts their own shattered story of love, pain, family, and desire.

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