by Sylvain L'Espérance
Canada, documentary, 2016, 285'

(Fighting Through The Night)

Production Company: Les Films du Tricycle



Official screening: Monday 13/02  - 15.00 – CineStar 7 // all accreditations

Additional screenings:

Wednesday 15/02 – 16:00 – Cubix 7 // Friday 18/02 – 17:00 – CineStar 3

Press days: Saturday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 14

Talents available: Sylvain L'Espérance (director), Alexandra Pavlou (protagonist)


This nearly five-hour-long documentary essay takes us directly to the heart of Europe’s misery: to Athens. In the Greek parliament building, innumerable articles are adopted to an audience of empty seats. The harbour landscape rolls past us, with its endless rows of administrative buildings, which will soon fall into the hands of financiers from other continents. Then we find ourselves right in the middle of an occupation of the tax office by its cleaning personnel – a long-term observation that plays out over the course of 286 days and provides space for empathetic encounters with marginalised individuals caught up in the crisis. The vacuum left behind by technocratic policies is filled by new fascists, who feign gestures of care for the forgotten – a scenario repeated in all of the nations of Europe and beyond its borders.

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