CLORO (CHLORINE) - Generation


by Lamberto Sanfelice
Italy, 2015, 94 mins

with Sara Serraiocco, Ivan Franek, Giorgio Colangeli, Anatol Sassi, Andrea Vergogni

produced by Damiano Ticconi, Ginevra Elkann

production company Ang Film, Asmara Films

International Sales: RAI COM


Jenny is seventeen and has a dream, becoming a synchronized swimmer. Her carefree teenager life in Ostia, on the seacoast near Rome, is shaken by tragic events and she finds herself having to move to a remote area in the mountains, with her ill father and her nine-years-old brother. They live in an old mountain hut located near a hotel, where Jenny starts working to make some money. She is not willing to give up her passion and she promises herself and her best friend Flavia that she will be back in Ostia for the next synchro competitions. The hotel pool becomes her secret place for training.

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