BORDER - Discovery

by Alessio Cremonini
Italy 2013, 95 min

with Dana Keilani, Sara El debuch, Wasim Abo azan, Sami Haddad, Abdul Ahmed, Jamal El Zohbi

produced by Francesco Melzi d'Eril, Gabriele Moratti

produced by Good Films


Aya and Fatima are two sisters who live in a village in Syria, in the epicenter of the fighting between police and shabiha, the regime’s militia. One day Muhammad, a messenger of Fatima’ s husband Shady, pays a visit. Having been part of the military for years, Shady has recently join the rebels of the Syrian Free Army. The consequence of this decision is the vendetta of the Secret Service and shabiha on Shady and his family. The only chance to survive which Aya and Fatima have is to cross the Turkish border.

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