Venice 2020


by Celine Held and Logan George

2020 / USA / 90' 

with Celine Held, Zhaila Farmer, Jared Abrahamson, Fatlip

Produced by: Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron / Kara Durrett, Jonathan Montepare / Melina Lizette, Josh Godfrey, Dan Crown

World Sales: Endeavor Content

Underneath the streets of New York City, a five-year-old girl and her mother live among a community that has claimed long-abandoned subway tunnels as home. When the pair is forced to flee above ground into a cold winter night, mother and daughter are plunged into a challenging world of chaos and tragedy that makes their uncertain underground life seem idyllic by comparison. Deftly weaving escalating suspense with sharp bursts of humanity in a nocturnal urban tangle, Topside marks the feature-filmmaking debut of Logan George and Celine Held (who also stars) and introduces astonishing first-time performer Zhaila Farmer in this affecting tale of the deep love and sacrifice rooted in the parent-child bond.


Press Screening Monday 07/09 I 08:30 I Sala Perla
Premiere Tuesday 08/09 I 14:15 I Sala Perla (Online Q&A with the directors to follow)

Additional Screenings
Wednesday 09/09 I 19:45 I Cinema Astra 1
Wednesday 09/09 I 20:00 I Cinema Astra 2

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US Press: Julie Chappell / Cinetic Media /

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