Venice 2020


by Andrei Konchalovsky

2020 / Russia / 120' - World Premiere 

Original title: Dorogie Tovarischi!

with Julia Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrei Gusev, Yulia Burova, Sergei Erlish

Produced by: Alisher Usmanov, Andrei Konchalovsky - Andrei Konchalovsky Studios
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Supported by “Art, Science and Sport” Charity Foundation and Russia 1 TV Channel

World sales: Films Boutique

A provincial town in the south of the USSR, 1962. Lyudmila, a devout Communist Party official and idealistic veteran of WW II, is a scourge of anything she perceives as anti-Soviet sentiment. Together with other local Party officials, she is taken by surprise by a strike at the local factory, in which her own daughter is taking part. As the situation quickly spirals out of control, Lyudmila begins a desperate search for her daughter in the face of curfews, mass arrests, and the authorities’ ruthless attempts to cover up the state violence. Her once unquestioning faith in the party line is being shaken by her growing awareness of its human toll, tearing apart the world she thought she knew.

Kept secret for decades, this real life tragedy is rendered in breathtaking black and white and inspired by classics of 60’s Soviet cinema, adapted by one of the last remaining masters of Russian filmmaking.


Press Screening Monday 07/09 I 08:30 I Sala Grande
Premiere Monday 07/09 I 16:30 I Sala Grande
Press Conference Monday 07/09 I 14:00 I Casinò
Official Photocall Monday 07/09 I 14:30 I Casinò

Additional Press Screenings
Monday 07/09 I 11:15 I Sala Darsena
Monday 07/09 I 08:30 I 11:15 I 14:00 I 16:45 I Sala Giardino
Tuesday 08/09 I 11:15 I Palabiennale
Tuesday 08/09 I 22:00 I Sala Perla

Press Day: Tuesday 08/09
Talent available: Andrei Konchalovsky (Director, Writer, Producer), Julia Vysotskaya (Actress)

International Press: Claudia Tomassini /

US Press: Nico Chapin / Cinetic Media /

Italian Press: Giulia Martinez /

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