Venice 2020


by Christos Nikou

2020 / Greece / Poland / Slovenia / 90' - World Premiere 

Original title: Mila

with Aris Servetalis, Sofia Georgovasili 

Produced by: Iraklis Mavroeidis - BOO PRODUCTIONS (Greece) / Nikos Smpiliris, Angelo Venetis, Aris Dagios and Christos Nikou
Co-producers: Mariusz Wlodarski – Lava Films (Poland) / Ales Pavlin, Andrej Stritof - PERFO PRODUCTION (Slovenia)

World Sales: Alpha Violet

As an unpredictable, sweeping pandemic causes people to develop sudden amnesia, a man finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help him build a new life. His treatment: performing daily tasks prescribed by his doctors on cassette tape, and capturing these new memories with a Polaroid camera. Greek writer-director Christos Nikou’s debut feature is a surreal and enigmatic work, a beguiling exploration of identity and reality.


Press Screening Wednesday 02/09 I 08:30 I Sala Darsena
Premiere Wednesday 02/09 I 16:00 I Sala Darsena
Press Conference Wednesday 02/09 I 14:00 I Casinò
Official Photocall Wednesday 02/09 I 14:30 I Casinò

Additional Press Screenings
Wednesday 02/09 I 09:15 I Sala Casinò
Wednesday 02/09 I 11:00 I 16:00 I Palabiennale
Wednesday 02/09 I 11:00 I Sala Volpi
Thursday 03/09 I 08:30 I Palabiennale
Thursday 03/09 I 09:00 I 14:00 I Sala Volpi
Thursday 03/09 I 11:15 I 17:15 I Sala Casinò

Press Day: Wednesday 02/09, Thursday 03/09
Talent available: Christos Nikou (Director, Writer), Sofia Georgovasili (Actress)

Italian & International Press: Claudia Tomassini /

US Press: Rachel Allen / Cinetic Media /

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