by Mario Martone

Italy / 2019 / 118’

with Francesco Di Leva, Massimiliano Gallo, Roberto De Francesco, Adriano Pantaleo, Daniela Ioia, Giuseppe Gaudino, Gennaro Di Colandrea, Lucienne Perreca, Salvatore Presutto, Viviana Cangiano, Domenico Esposito, Ralph P,  Armando De Giulio, Daniele Baselice, Morena Di Leva

International Sales: TRUE COLOURS

Antonio Barracano, “a man of honour” who distinguishes between “decent people and scoundrels”, he is “The Mayor” of the Sanità neighbourhood. With his charismatic influence and the help of his doctor friend he administers justice according to his own criteria, outside of the state and in the style of Solomon. Those “who have saints” to look after them go to heaven, while those who do not, go to Don Antonio, this is the rule. When a desperate Rafiluccio Santaniello, the baker’s son, comes to see him, having decided to kill his father, Don Antonio, recognises in the young man the same desire for vendetta that had obsessed and then changed him for ever as a young man. The Mayor decides to intervene to reconcile father and son and save both of them.
Mario Martone brings Eduardo De Filippo’s Il sindaco del rione Sanità to the cinema with a powerfully topical film that tells of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Press Screening: 29/08 I 20:00 I Sala Darsena
Press Screening: 29/08 I 22:00 I Sala Perla
Official Press Conference: 30/08 I 13:00 I Casinò
Official Photocall: 30/08 I 13:30 I Casinò    
Official Screening: 30/08 I 16:45 I Sala Grande
Repetition Screening: 30/08 I 22:35 I PalaBiennale

International Press Day: Saturday 31/08
Talents available: Mario Martone (director), Francesco Di Leva (actor)



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