THE KINGMAKER - Out of Competition


by Lauren Greenfield

USA / 2019 / 100’

Production: Frank Evers of Evergreen Pictures for Showtime        
International Sales: Dogwoof   


Acclaimed documentarian Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles) aims her lens at Filipino politician and former First Lady Imelda Marcos, who, despite disgrace, remains unbowed and enmeshed in her nation’s politics.


Press Screening: 29/08 I 19:30 I Sala Perla
Press Screening: 29/08 I 22:30 I Sala Darsena
Official Press Conference: 30/08 I 12:30 I Casinò
Official Photocall: 30/08 I 13:00 I Casinò    
Official Screening: 30/08 I 14:30 I Sala Grande
Repetition Screening: 31/08 I 17:30 I Sala Perla 2

Press Days: Friday 30/08 & Saturday 31/08        
Talent available: Lauren Greenfield (director)            

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