by Rodrigo Moreno

2023 | Argentina | 189’

Production company: Wanka Cine

Co-produced by: Les Films Fauves, Sancho&Punta, Jirafa Films, Jaque Productora and Rizoma Films

Worldwide Sales: Magnolia Pictures International

Morán (Daniel Eliás) is a bank employee in Buenos Aires who dreams up a risky plan to liberate himself and his co-worker Román (Esteban Bigliardi) from the shackles of working life: Morán will steal enough cash from the bank to fund their retirement if Román hides the money for him after he confesses and serves prison time; in three years’ time, they’ll reunite, split the cash, and never have to work again. Departing to the countryside to fulfill his side of the deal, the less adventurous Román finds himself transformed by Morán’s idyllic vision of economic liberation far from the rigors of urban life. But what is the true cost of freedom? From writer-director Rodrigo Moreno (A Mysterious World) comes an existential probe into the work-life balance and what happens when it’s shattered and replaced with something radical and new. Combining sumptuous imagery and dry humor, Moreno finds universality and complexity in the eternal dilemma of forging our livelihood.


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