by Bill and Turner Ross

2020 / USA / 98’

Produced by: Department of Motion Pictures
International Sales: Cinephil
US Sales: Cinetic

In the shadows of the bright lights of Las Vegas, it's last call for a beloved dive bar known as the Roaring 20s. That’s the premise, at least; the reality is as unreal as the world the regulars are escaping from. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is a mosaic of disparate lives, teetering between dignity and debauchery, reckoning with the past as they face an uncertain future, and singing as their ship goes down.

Filmmaking duo Bill and Turner Ross (Contemporary Color, 2016) return with an elegiac portrait of a tiny world fading away but still warm and beating with the comfort of community. Their beguiling approach to nonfiction storytelling makes for a foggy memory of experience lost in empty shot glasses and puffs of smoke.


Premiere: Monday 24/02 I 19:00 I CinemaxX 3
Additional Screening: Tuesday 25/02 I 16:15 I Cubix 7
Additional Screening: Wednesday 26/02 I 14:30 I Colosseum 1
Additional Screening: Friday 28/02 I 16:00 I CinemaxX 4
Additional Screening: Sunday 01/03 I 22:00 I Cubix 7

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