by Pietro Castellitto

Italy / 115'

World Premiere

Produced by: THE APARTMENT PICTURES, a Fremantle Company, VISION DISTRIBUTION, a SKY Company,
and FRENESY. In collaboration with GIOVANE FILM, SKY and PRIME VIDEO.


Twenty something Enea aims to live out the life of his mythical namesake, Homer’s Aeneas, in present-day Rome.. He wants to feel alive in a dead and decadent age. His partner in crime is his lifelong friend Valentino who has just received his license as an airplane pilot. Among drug dealing and parties, the two are victims and perpetrators in a corrupt world, but in their youthful haplessness, they are moved by an incorruptible vitality. Beyond the boundaries of the rules, on the other side of morality, there’s an ocean of humanity and symbols to discover. Enea and Valentino will soar above it to the furthest extremes. But the drugs and the underworld are the invisible shadow of a story that speaks of something else: a melancholy father, a brother with problems at school, a mother defeated by love, a beautiful girl, a happy ending and a happy death, a palm tree falling on a world made of glass. It is between the cracks of everyday life that Enea and Valentino’s adventure gradually finds reprieve. An adventure that may seem criminal to some, but which for them is, and will remain, above all, one of friendship and love.


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