INSTINCT - Piazza Grande


by Halina Reijn

Netherlands / 2019 / 98’

with Carice van Houten, Marwan Kenzari, Pieter Embrechts, Marie-Mae van Zuilen, Betty Schuurman, Ariane Schluter

Production: Topkapi Films in co-production with Man Up Film, BNNVARA
International Sales: Films Boutique


In spite of her expertise and experience, a seasoned psychologist is completely infatuated with the sex offender she is treating in a penal institution.


Industry Screening: Sunday 11/08 I 11:15 I Rialto 1 (RSVP:
Official Screening: Monday 12/08 I 21:30 I Piazza Grande

Press Days: Monday 12/08 & Tuesday 13/08
Talents available: Halina Rejin (director), Carice van Houten (actress)


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