by Carlo Mazzacurati
Italy 2010, 105 mins.

with Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Battiston, Corrado Guzzanti, Cristiana Capotondi, Stefania Sandrinelli, Kasia Smutniak

World premiere


Director Carlo Mazzacurati and the actors Silvio Orlando and Giuseppe Battiston are available for interviews on Sept 4 and Sept 5


Synopsis: Director Gianni Dubois (Silvio Orlando) hasn’t made a film for five years. Now a hot young TV actress (Cristiana Capotondi) wants him to help her break into movies, giving him a chance to get back in the game and make some money so his agent doesn’t have to keep paying his bills. But he can’t think of a single good idea and she is piling on the pressure.  As bad luck would have it, damaged pipes at the little apartment he owns in a Tuscan village choose that week to burst, destroying a 16thC fresco in the church next door.  He is summoned to the village to sort it out and instead of paying for a restoration is blackmailed into directing the town’s Passion Play for Easter.  He has one week to rehearse, no professionals to help him, a crazy actress en route to hear his “brilliant pitch”, a fake broken leg and Jesus has quit in a huff.

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