IL CONTAGIO - International Independents

by Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini
Italy / 2017 / 105'

with Vinicio Marchioni, Anna Foglietta, Maurizio Tesei, Giulia Bevilacqua, Vincenzo Salemme, Daniele Parisi, Michele Botrugno, Alessandra Costanzo, Lucianna De Falco, Carmen Giardina, Fabio Gomiero, Nuccio Siano, Flonja Kodheli, Loris De Luna

Production: Kimerafilm, Notorius Pictures, Gekon Productions, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBACT
International Sales: True Colours - Glorious Films

A house on the outskirts of Rome is home to Marcello, a former bodybuilder; his wife, Chiara, who at first doesn't suspect Marcello's affair with a bourgeois professor; drug dealer Gianfranco, who wants to take his place among the big-league tough guys; and several other working-class individuals whose fates are intertwined in this ensemble film. Feelings are opaque, souls are tainted, and contact with the criminal milieu is, as the Italian title suggests, a contagion.

Monday 02/07 I 17:30 I HFF Kino 1 (Q&A after the screening)
Tuesday 03/07 I 20:00 I Theatiner Film (Q&A after the screening)

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